Rittick Barua (PhD) - Co-Founder & CEO


Rittick is the co-founder and CEO of Caritas. He is driven by excellence and has a strong passion for social good. His vision for Caritas is to be at the forefront of providing the highest level of research leverage and transforming the social good landscape with technology and digital advancements. Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, UK, Rittick has cultivated a unique skill set that bridges the worlds of research and social impact.

Over the years, Rittick has built his proficiencies in digital transformation, software development whilst working on agile methodologies. In his current role, he is leading digital transformation of financial organisations by employing AI/ML and his data analytic expertise to increase efficiency and drive positive changes. Driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, Rittick firmly believes that the power of research coupled with technology, when harnessed effectively, can address some of the most pressing challenges faced by these organisations and amplify their impact on society.

As an advocate for data-driven decision-making, Rittick is committed to consulting with non-profits, using advanced data analytics techniques to derive valuable insights and enable evidence-based strategies. His exceptional background in quantitative research equips him with the ability to uncover hidden patterns and opportunities within complex datasets, empowering not-for-profits to maximise their resources and foster sustainable growth.

Rittick's exceptional blend of technical expertise and dedication to social good makes him a true agent of change. By applying his skills and knowledge to uplift not-for-profit organisations across South Asia, Rittick is making a meaningful contribution to building a more equitable and prosperous world.

Annu Dwivedi, Co-Founder


As one of the co-founder, Annu brings in over a decade of experience in the consulting industry, spanning diverse sectors. Her ardent passion for research and unwavering commitment to social good led to the idea of Caritas Research. Through this innovative endeavour, Annu harnesses her expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, complemented by a profound understanding of behavioural science, to empower not-for-profit organisations across South Asia. Her ultimate goal is to help these organisations generate a lasting impact in their respective fields.

Annu's academic accomplishments include a Master's degree in Behavioural and Economic Science from the prestigious University of Warwick, UK, and a Bachelor's in Business and Management from the esteemed University of Derby, UK.

With an unwavering vision of fostering social change, Annu envisions Caritas Research as a social enterprise that will shape the future strategies of the social sector, drawing on comprehensive research and profound insights. Embark on this transformative journey with us as we endeavour to make a lasting difference in the world together.

Sumiran Goyal, Head of Behavioural Science


A true researcher at heart, Sumiran possesses substantial research experience across various social and research roles. Her background includes working with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust as a Behavioural Science Researcher, Jewson (Formerly part of Saint-Gobain) as a Wellbeing Research Assistant, and Warwick Behavioural Insights Team as a Behavioural Scientist. Throughout her career, she has been deeply involved in extensive research, employing both quantitative and behavioural science applications in real-world settings. Her dedication to making a positive impact on society is rooted in her volunteer work at UMEED, where she served as a volunteer for two years.

Sumiran holds an MSc in Behavioural and Economic Science from the University of Warwick, and her strong foundation in Psychology was laid during her bachelor's studies at the University of Delhi. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she is currently pursuing the Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate course.

Driven by an innate curiosity to understand human behaviour and decision-making, Sumiran seeks to leverage this knowledge for the greater good. At Caritas, she strives to create a research-based ecosystem that demonstrates the impact of not-for-profit organisations in South Asia. Her ultimate goal is to support these organisations in realising their potential for real-world impact through the application of Behavioural Science.